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Our screening solutions protect the health of pregnant women and newborn babies around the world, empowering earlier detection, enabling more effective treatment and saving lives.

Together, we can improve health outcomes for mothers and babies around the world.

Our approach goes beyond our line of products. We’re here to help laboratories, clinicians and communities all around the world harness the power of prenatal and newborn screening. We provide the means, but you’re the ones who will touch lives, and make a difference for mothers, babies and families, everywhere.


Breakthrough technology for frontline laboratory staff

Our products offer outstanding accuracy and reliability, and are designed for high efficiency and user-friendliness.


Global engagement for emerging markets

We collaborate with governments and health organizations to make screening more accessible around the world.


Expert knowledge for healthcare professionals

Our research and resources support a deeper understanding of patient conditions and screening options.

Prenatal testing


Prenatal testing solutions

Our prenatal testing solutions cover all trimesters and a wide range of pregnancy complications, so  women can get the health information they need through all stages of pregnancy.

prenatal testing
Pre-eclampsia management

Pre-eclampsia screening & management

With screening you can identify women at high risk for pre-eclampsia as well as support diagnoses. This allows clinicians to start the necessary treatments to improve clinical outcomes —  for both mother and baby. 

Prenatal serum screening

Biochemical serum screening

Our prenatal serum screening solutions cover a broad range of current screening strategies with the latest advances in prenatal care.

Noninvasive prenatal testing

Noninvasive prenatal testing

With our noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) solution, we’re taking all the complexity out of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) testing, making it accessible to more women — and more cost-effective for laboratories.

Newborn Screening


Newborn Screening Solutions

With our newborn screening solutions, you can detect disorders accurately, quickly and efficiently, so all babies can have a chance at a healthier start to life.


Detecting Disorders

Early detection allows for early treatment of congenital newborn disorders. Our screening solutions help reliably identify conditions that would not otherwise be evident in the newborn period.


Helping you run your laboratory at its best

From sample collection to software analysis and the expertise and support to keep your lab running efficiently and effectively. We are there for you.

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Covering all your screening needs

Explore a range of instruments, reagents and software optimized to meet the exact needs of every type of laboratory. No matter the size or sophistication, we have screening solutions for you.

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Training, service, and support

Get the help you need, from training courses to technical support and instrument maintenance.

Analyze at scale

Testing services from sample to results

Enjoy the benefits of our lab for follow-up testing or full-service screening. 

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On a mission of innovating for a healthier world, we are committed to the highest standards of product safety and performance from sample to results.

As the new European Union’s In-Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) (2017/746) is being rolled out, we ensure all new requirements are fulfilled to ensure a seamless transition to our customers.

The global leader in prenatal and newborn screening

Our commitment to scientific innovation is behind everything we do. Our belief that healthy starts should be in reach for every family is at the heart of it.

30+ years

experience in prenatal and newborn testing

10 million

prenatal risk assessments done every year

40 million

babies screened every year

3,500 patents

for innovative screening technologies


Serving customers in more than 100 countries around the world

Business partnership meeting in office

The support from the Vanadis team was incredible. We always had partners at our side when we needed assistance with something. In the end, we really feel comfortable and satisfied with the product that we’ve produced in our lab.

Matthew L. Saidel MD, Chief Medical Officer, Women’s Health Connecticut, USA
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