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Newborn Screening
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Newborn screening is used to test for rare disorders that don’t have visible symptoms in the first phase of a baby’s life. With early detection thanks to screening, you can begin treatment right away, before the disorder affects your baby.

How does newborn screening work?

Screening is quick and easy — a simple heel prick is all that’s needed for testing. The tests are performed on dried blood that is collected on filter paper when your baby is two to five days old. Play the video to find out more!

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What do parents need to know about newborn screening results?

If the screening results are normal — as they are in most cases — no further procedures are needed and parents won’t be contacted. If the screening results indicate the possibility of a rare disorder, the family will be contacted without delay for additional testing and procedures. An abnormal result doesn’t always mean your baby is ill, so a new blood sample will be drawn to confirm the initial test result, and the newborn might be referred for other types of diagnostic testing and/or examination by a specialist.


Why should your baby receive newborn screening?

The diseases we screen for are rare, and the probability of your child actually being affected by one of them is rather small. However, on average, for every day of every year, newborn screening tests allow for early treatment of 70 babies that would otherwise have developed severe diseases. As a result of the newborn screening all of these children get the chance to initiate treatment and have normal healthy childhoods. —


Talk to your doctor about screening

Things are different from country to country, be proactive in your care etc etc etcYour doctor or the staff of your antenatal clinic will be able to tell you more about screening and the options available to you.



Read our Frequently Asked Questions about’ Newborn Screening.

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