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Newborn screening solutions for healthy starts to life

Helping babies survive and thrive

Newborn screening can prevent hundreds of thousands of instances of physical and mental disabilities and even deaths. As the global leader in newborn screening, over 767 million babies have been screened with our products over the last 25 years.


140 million

babies are born worldwide annually

1st Trimester QUAD

1 in 3 babies

receive screening of any kind, and many are only screened for one or two conditions


50+ conditions

are known to have good outcomes when detected and diagnosed early


75 newborns

get a healthier start to life every day thanks to screening using our products

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Testing for more than 50 congenital disorders

Our screening assays help identify newborn congenital disorders to determine the best course of care.


Newborn Screening products to suit your needs

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The situation


Scalability is key

When you’re setting up a new laboratory, resources and volumes of patients screened may initially be low, so you need to keep set-up costs down without compromising on performance and quality. 

How we help

Manual NBS

High quality, cost effective solutions 

We provide robust, cost-effective manual solutions ideal for start-up, small and mid-size  laboratories.  Our  solutions  are fully expandable if and when your needs change; you can add new parameters or increase sample volume easily. 

The situation


Increased workloads require greater efficiency

For growing laboratories with increasing workloads, you’re looking to add levels of automation to your program for higher capacity, and are considering software solutions to control aspects of your workflows and monitor the performance of the laboratory. 

How we help


Instrumentation with genuine "walk away" automation

Our fully automated solutions are designed to bring a new level of convenience and efficiency to neonatal screening, leaving you free to manage other aspects of the laboratory. 

The situation

shutterstock_233268226 (1)

Expanding screening at high capacity

You provide a range of screening solutions for many different disorders but are looking at adding new disorders to your menu — with high-throughput quantitation, full automation and seamless integration.

How we help


Solutions for more disorders, less downtime

Our expanded, high-throughput solutions using the latest Mass spectrometry and Molecular screening technologies are designed for high sensitivity and productivity, enabling you to screen thousands of samples per day, every day. 


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