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We offer a complete suite of high quality, validated products, including instruments, screening kits, consumables, and software. Whatever your size or sophistication we can tailor a solution to suit you.

From Sample to Result, PerkinElmer has a solution

Our instruments and kits have been designed to seamlessly integrate with each other delivering unparalleled levels of automation and ease of use for your laboratory or clinic.

Complete Solution

Sample Preparation

From blood collection devices to punchers and DNA extraction instruments



Manual and fully automated instrumentation


Kits and Reagents

Fully validated kits for a range of disorder detection



Dedicated management and analysis software for your laboratory

Support, Training, and Service

You laboratory not only needs great equipment, but it also needs the support to keep it running.

Support, Training, and Service
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1st class support

Through our experts in laboratory screening, we can help you to create service programs that meet the standards of even the most demanding screening laboratories. Our global presence and understanding of screening enable our solutions to share both innovation and know-how effectively.

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Comprehensive training

Our training team offers diagnostics product training courses for customers. Training is conducted by product managers and specialists from customer and technical support, software services and R & D. We aspire meet your training expectations and to give you the best possible training experience.

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Keeping your lab running effectively

PerkinElmer’s dedicated diagnostics service team comprises trained and certified engineers who have an average of 15 years of experience maintaining PerkinElmer and partner equipment.  If any unexpected service needs should occur, a PerkinElmer Customer Service Engineer will be there to diagnose and repair your instrument.

Testing Services

Testing Services

As the global leader in laboratory screening, PerkinElmer provides optimized solutions designed to meet the exact needs of each lab. We are your one-stop partner covering everything from sampling, to first-tier biochemistry screening, to second-tier confirmatory testing using sequencing, to final results.

Enjoy the benefits of our full-service laboratory with the ability to offer a comprehensive newborn screening program while avoiding capital investment costs.

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