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As a total solution provider, we offer complete systems based on a broad range of high quality products and support services. Our complete selection of prenatal screening solutions includes maternal serum and blood spot assays, DNA tests, instruments, and data management and risk calculation software.



Scalable technology platforms

A broad range of instruments offer solutions for every type of laboratory from manual cost effective alternatives to fully automated solutions.


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Full-service Screening

With a comprehensive and flexible testing menu, we offer high-quality testing with reliable results to support your screening  without the need for capital investment.



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Our dedicated  application specialist teams and training teams provide comprehensive assistance for every laboratory, available to you at all times. 


Protecting the health of expectant mothers around the world


The situation

timing is everything

Timing is everything.

When it comes to risk assessment and diagnosis of pregnancy complications and chromosomal conditions, early detection is essential.

How we help

First Trimester

Earlier screening for healthier pregnancies.

Whether you’re lab staff performing prenatal testing or a physician caring for the health of a mother and her unborn child, we have the screening protocols you need to ensure expectant mothers can make informed choices and enable improved clinical outcomes.

  • Our screening solutions help identify women at high risk of developing pre-eclampsia in early pregnancy when there’s an opportunity to impact their course of care, reducing preterm preeclampsia by up to 62%. (1)
  • Our Vanadis NIPT testing can be conducted as early as 10 weeks gestation, offering safe and early access to reliable results with fast turnaround times.

The situation

Woman on Phone

Access is essential.

Clinicians want to provide the best possible care to their patients globally, but access to prenatal screening varies due to barriers including infrastructure and cost.

How we help


Reducing cost and complexity.

We support laboratories and clinics around the world with optimized screening solutions that make prenatal testing accessible to more women — and more cost-effective for laboratories.

  • Our Vanadis NIPT testing system is designed to reduce technology complexity and costs so more labs can screen more women with NIPT.
  • Our biochemistry testing solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to NIPT; further, biochemical aneuploidy and pre-eclampsia screening can be done with the same markers and a single sample for reduced cost and increased convenience.

The situation


Diverse screening needs.

Different labs have different needs and varying capabilities when it comes to performing testings.

How we help


Solutions for every throughput.

Whether your laboratory specializes in automated high throughput prenatal screening or clinic-level random access screening, we meet the needs of your screening program from sample to report.

  • Our pre-eclampsia screening products cover all trimesters and include fully-automated as well as manual or semi-automated systems to accommodate all needs.
  • The Vanadis NIPT system is scalable for medium- to high-throughput labs, allowing one laboratory technician to run 2,000 to 20,000 samples per year.
  • For low volume needs, we offer a comprehensive suite of testing through our own full-service laboratory, giving labs and clinicians access to fast and reliable screening results.

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  1. Daniel L. Rolnik et al. Aspirin versus Placebo in Pregnancies at High Risk for Preterm Preeclampsia. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1704559, New England J Med June 2017

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