Prenatal Disorders

Detection for a range of pregnancy complications

We deliver complete screening solutions for a wide range of pregnancy complications – and more than 9 million prenatal risk assessments are done every year using those tests.
Maternal disorders


Pre-eclampsia is a complication of pregnancy marked by high blood pressure and presence of protein in the urine (proteinuria). Left untreated, pre-eclampsia can lead to eclampsia, a serious condition that can endanger the mother’s life.
Common Trisomies

Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)

Down syndrome, also called trisomy 21, is associated with the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21. It is the most common chromosomal disorder in liveborn children and, although typically random, does occurs more commonly in the offspring of women as they get older.
Common Trisomies

Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome)

Edwards syndrome, also called trisomy 18, is a chromosomal disorder associated with the presence of an extra chromosome 18. It is the second most common autosomal trisomy among liveborn children.
Common Trisomies

Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome)

Patau syndrome, also called trisomy 13, is a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence of an extra chromosome 13 in all or some of the cells.
Other Fetal Disorders

Neural Tube Defects (NTDs)

Neural tube defects (NTDs) are severe birth defects of the central nervous system that originate during embryonic development when the neural tube fails to close completely. They can affect the brain, spine, or spinal cord.
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