Down syndrome & Pre-eclampsia screening with DELFIA® Xpress

Speed and flexibility of random access


Aneuploidy and pre-eclampsia screening

The DELFIA® Xpress platform has been developed to streamline workflows in laboratories and clinics providing prenatal screening services. The platfom offers a variety of benefits critical for operational efficiency, and with a wide range of available kits it supports different strategies in aneuploidy and pre-eclampsia screening and pre-eclampsia management.


Streamlined workflows for operational efficiency

Specimen Gate

Simplicity and Ease of Use

The simplicity and ease of use of a new generation instrument with up-to-date software design

Barcode scanning


The security associated with barcoded reagents and samples to ensure positive identification


Ideal Solution

An ideal solution for delivering OSCAR (one stop clinic for assessment of risk) services

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Streamlined Workflow

Designed to streamline workflows in laboratories and clinics providing prenatal screening services

DELFIA® chemistry

Clinically validated assays

PerkinElmer maternal serum biochemistry assays are based on the robust and sensitive DELFIA® chemistry with measurement by time-resolved fluorometry.

  • Assays optimized for prenatal risk assessment
  • All screening assays are CE-IVD marked, aneuploidy screening
  • Assays under Annex 2, List B (Medium risk products)
  • Extensive internal QC
  • Low lot-to-lot variation

DELFIA® Xpress PlGF 1-2-3™ kit

DELFIA® Xpress PlGF 1-2-3™ kit

DELFIA® Xpress PAPP-A kit

DELFIA® Xpress hAFP kit

DELFIA® Xpress Free hCGB kit

DELFIA® Xpress uE3 kit

DELFIA® Xpress sFlt-1 kit

PlGF Controls

DELFIA® Xpress hCG kit

sFlt-1 Controls

Complete management solution for your laboratory

Analyze at scale

LifeCycle™ software

As a world leader in prenatal screening, PerkinElmer understands the needs of the screening laboratory and its users. The industry leading LifeCycle™ software for prenatal screening is much more than just a risk calculator. It is a complete solution for handling the laboratory workflow from receipt of sample to reporting of results. LifeCycle™ software is designed to integrate seamlessly with PerkinElmer instruments and kits.

Laboratory Equipment no matter your size or sophistication

More Prenatal Screening Instruments

AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system

AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system

AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system for prenatal & neonatal screening with fully automated batch-loading
VICTOR2™ D fluorometer

VICTOR2™ D fluorometer

Fluorometer designed for clinical use with all Revvity diagnostic and screening assays based on either time-resolved fluorescence or prompt fluorescence.
Articles & Resources

Articles & Resources

Articles & Resources
Revvity Tests Included in UK’s Updated NICE Diagnostic Guidance for Pre-Eclampsia DG-49
28 Jul 2022

Revvity Tests Included in UK’s Updated NICE Diagnostic Guidance for Pre-Eclampsia DG-49

Two Revvity CE marked tests are recommended in latest version of NICE guidance “PLGF-based testing to help diagnose suspected preterm pre-eclampsia” for UK healthcare providers
DELFIA® Prenatal Screening Solutions Brochure
24 Apr 2021

DELFIA® Prenatal Screening Solutions Brochure

Pre-eclampsia Screening Doctor’s Handbook
24 Apr 2021

Pre-eclampsia Screening Doctor’s Handbook

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