GSP® Instrument

Fully automated newborn screening



The automated high throughput platform for screening disorders in newborns using both DELFIA® immunoassay and enzymatic technologies. The GSP® newborn screening system offers outstanding accuracy and reliability, coupled with high efficiency and user-friendliness. It brings the future of neonatal screening to your laboratory, helping you provide children with a healthier start to life.

Using dried blood spot samples (DBS) the GSP platform reduced hands-on stages and reduced risk of error through automation  from plate loading to results output.

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From sample to result. Fully automated.

Automated Workflow


Prepare the worklist

This can be generated automatically by the Puncher or added manually using the workstation software


Load Reagents

Barcoded reagents are loaded to the cooled reagent carousel in the GSP instrument.


Load and Run samples

The touch screen allows you to prioritize the running order of your plates as you wish and see instantly the status of your assays, consumables, reagents and waste capacity.


Analyse results

Results are automatically delivered to you at the GSP Workstation computer. You can check the calibration curve, quality control levels, possible notifications about the run, accept the assay and export and print results.


Fully Automated from plate load to results

Saving you time and effort while reducing risk of errors


Safe and Convenient

GSP Neonatal kits are the industry standard for analytical performance and reliability. Each kit includes reagents, QC material and specific QC certificates. Barcoding reduces the risk of errors, and all calibrators and controls come in dried blood spot format. The cooled reagent compartment also eliminates the need to unload reagents after assay runs and improves screening accuracy.


Flexible workflow

The GSP instrument is optimized for continuous sample loading. The loaded plates are processed automatically or users can prioritize the order in which plates are processed.


Kits available for the GSP Platform


GSP® Neonatal Creatine Kinase – MM Kit

GSP Neonatal 17α-OH-progesterone kit

GSP Neonatal hTSH kit

GSP® Neonatal Phenylalanine kit

GSP® Neonatal G6PD kit

GSP® Neonatal GALT kit

GSP® Neonatal Total Galactose kit

GSP® Neonatal Biotinidase kit

GSP® Neonatal IRT kit

GSP® Neonatal Thyroxine (T4) kit

Laboratory Management at your finger tips

Analyze at scale

Specimen Gate® software

Newborn screening software that provides control and monitoring tools for the entire screening process.

Specimen Gate software is designed to simplify the data collection and workflow processes
involved with receiving specimens, screening for abnormalities, managing patient information, generating specimen reports, and following up abnormal and unsatisfactory specimens.


More Newborn Screening Instruments

VICTOR2™ D Instrument

VICTOR2™ D Instrument

The VICTOR2™ D System is the ideal measurement platform for low volume laboratories. Easy to use and reliable, the VICTOR2™ D system provides start-up newborn screening programs with the right balance of cost-effectiveness and control.
AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system

AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system

AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system for prenatal & neonatal screening with fully automated batch-loading
Panthera Puncher™ 9 – Panthera DBS Puncher

Panthera Puncher™ 9 – Panthera DBS Puncher

Panthera Puncher™ 9 is the new generation dried sample punching device for automatically punching dry blood spot samples into microtitration plates.
Tandem Mass Spectrometry – QSight®

Tandem Mass Spectrometry – QSight®

The QSight® MD mass spectrometry screening systems are designed for routine high throughput quantitation. They offer expanded screening for a variety of inborn errors of metabolism with a wide analyte panel, and access to Tier 2 chromatography (QSight® 225 MD UHPLC only).
EONIS™ Platform

EONIS™ Platform

A complete system for SMA, SCID & XLA screening, from sample to results. The design of the EONIS assay and system enable automation without compromising the sample traceability from punch to result.
Articles & Resources

Articles & Resources

Articles & Resources
Entering a new chapter in the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
04 Mar 2022

Entering a new chapter in the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a rare, X-linked pediatric neuromuscular disease with onset in early childhood, leading to progressive loss of function. With life-altering treatments on the near horizon, there is a growing need to identify boys born with Duchenne in order for them to benefit from the emerging therapies as early as possible. See our videos for clinical aspects of DMD, insights on early detection, setting up a screening pilot, and more.
How do you keep your newborn screening program running under COVID-19 pressure?
09 Jun 2021

How do you keep your newborn screening program running under COVID-19 pressure?

Under these extraordinary circumstances, it takes some creative maneuvering to keep your newborn screening program going efficiently. Professor Carmencita Padilla of the University of the Philippines shares the lessons learned from the creative strategies and continuity plans implemented throughout the Philippine newborn screening program. See her presentation for practical advice and ideas on how to run your program under COVID-19 pressure.

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