High-throughput MSMS screening – including Tier 2 testing


QSight® MD Screening Systems

Early detection of metabolic and other inherited and rare disorders can improve the quality of life for at-risk babies and their families. With QSight® MD systems, we’re enabling expanded high-throughput mass spectrometry screening and, with the QSight® 225 MD UHPLC Screening System, the option for tier 2 testing – using just a single heel-prick dried blood spot (DBS) card. The QSight system delivers a unique combination of self-cleaning MSMS instrumentation that provides exceptional system uptime, a simple setup process, and easy-to-use database software that simplifies review and analysis – plus kits and reagents, training, and support.

It all comes together to enable you to screen thousands of samples per day, every day.


More disorders less down time

Easy-to-use 3 step workflow


Download sample worklist

Download sample worklist from a dried blood spot puncher, plate map or other software

Barcode scanning

Check Status

Check the color coded instrument status bar to confirm all components are ready. The barcode reader imports all control concentrations directly into the software, saving time and minimizing risk of human error.


Run samples

Click to start acquiring data. The on-board Simplicity™ 3Q MD software enables you to monitor data acquisition as it occurs, as well as review results after each run.

A fluent workflow, from sample to results


Designed to maximize performance and throughput

An exceptional solution for neonatal screening, QSight® MD systems make it easier than ever to achieve consistent, reproducible results across one or multiple instruments, day in and day out, with no need for frequent cleaning or reoptimization – all in a compact, easy-to use form factor.


The potential for Tier 2 testing

The QSight® 225 MD UHPLC Screening System has the option for tier 2 chromatography. The Integrated column switcher allows for easy switching between Tier 1 and Tier 2 runs without replumbing, potentially increasing testing sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value. By using the same DBS sample there is no additional patient contact needed which can avoid unnecessary parental anxiety, follow-up efforts and associated costs


Effective data management

The dedicated workstation software collects data from one or more instruments into a database to enable quick and easy process of hundreds of samples. Once the results are ready, any samples that require further investigation can be flagged easily and marked for retesting.

The software can also be used to perform quality control and trend analysis to monitor the instruments performance.


Kits available for the QSight System

Trusted kits include all components you need for effective newborn screening

The perfect complement to our newborn screening instruments, software, and consumables, our innovative and trusted NBS kits empower screening laboratories to increase efficiencies exceed expectations every day.



NeoBase™ 2 Non-derivatized MSMS kit

Laboratory Management at your finger tips

Analyze at scale

Specimen Gate® software

Newborn screening software that provides control and monitoring tools for the entire screening process.

Specimen Gate software is designed to simplify the data collection and workflow processes
involved with receiving specimens, screening for abnormalities, managing patient information, generating specimen reports, and following up abnormal and unsatisfactory specimens.

Laboratory Equipment no matter your size or sophistication

More Newborn Screening Instruments

GSP® Instrument

GSP® Instrument

Automated platform for screening of NBS disorders, the GSP® Newborn screening system offers outstanding screening accuracy and reliability, coupled with high efficiency and user-friendliness.
AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system

AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system

AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system for prenatal & neonatal screening with fully automated batch-loading
VICTOR2™ D fluorometer

VICTOR2™ D fluorometer

Fluorometer designed for clinical use with all PerkinElmer diagnostic and screening assays based on either time-resolved fluorescence or prompt fluorescence.
Articles & Resources

Articles & Resources

Idario Santos – Sweet Odyssey
22 Apr 2021

Idario Santos – Sweet Odyssey

Idario Santos - talks about his sons journey with Maple Syrup Urine Disease - Sweet Odyssey
Expanded newborn screening – An interview with Dr. Marianna Messina
22 Apr 2021

Expanded newborn screening – An interview with Dr. Marianna Messina

Dr. Marianna Messina discusses her experiences introducing expanded screening to her laboratory in Italy.
First years of experience on LSD screening in Italy, Padova
22 Apr 2021

First years of experience on LSD screening in Italy, Padova

The increasing availability of treatments and the importance of early intervention have stimulated newborn screening (NBS) for lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs). We present our experience screening newborns in North East Italy to identify neonates with Mucopolysaccharidosis type I (MPS I) and Pompe, Fabry, and Gaucher diseases.

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